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West Las Vegas

West Las Vegas spans a good distance and includes close to the strip smaller casinos such as the Wild Wild West. To the much farther northwest, you will find Red Rock Casino.  If you are looking for a fantastic buffet that is comparable to most buffets but costs far less, be sure to check out the Red Rock.  As with most casinos, if you obtain a players club card, you will be eligible for even further discounts.  A great resource that provides invaluable Casino Gaming Info and tips can be found at Chellie’s World.

There are many people who still get confused about what is meant by West Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.  West Las Vegas is the area that is located directly West of the Las Vegas Strip.  Some of the casinos listed in the Las Vegas Casino Directory under the West Las Vegas section are in close proximately to the Las Vegas Strip while others casinos listed  in the West Las Vegas category are quite far from the Las Vegas Strip.

Unless you love walking for miles and miles in the desert heat, I’d suggest not to even attempt to walk it.

Since some of the casinos seem to be so close when you are looking their signs and lights from the Las Vegas Strip, it can be tempting to just walk.  It is really deceiving. A good example is The Rio.  If you are on the Las Vegas Strip, the lights on the Rio are very, very visible.  So you decide that it is close enough to walk.

Once you start walking, you will find that the sidewalk ends and you have to cross Interstate 15 to get there. Trust me, take a taxi!

Here is a listing of casinos and hotels located west of the Las Vegas Strip

West Las Vegas

The Palms Casino Resort