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MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews

Posted by Miz.Chellie on July 15, 2012

MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Are are looking for an MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews that will provide you with quality information to help you decide? Well, you’ve found the right place.

Obviously you are thinking of  staying at the MGM Grand and want to know if it’s a good choice?

Overall I’d say most definitely the MGM Grand Las Vegas is a great choice. Let me elaborate.

Many other MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews will go on and on about hotel rates and what the room looks like. There’s so much more to take in to account before making a decision that just the room. Unless you never plan on leaving your hotel room!  Although the MGM Grand has some great rooms, they offer so much more!

The MGM Grand Las Vegas boasts a terrific location.  It is located at what is known as the “four corners”.  All that means is the MGM Grand is located right on Las Vegas Blvd South (which means  the Las Vegas Strip) and there are hotels and casinos located on each corner at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana ave.

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia that you might not find when reading through other MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews.  When the MGM Grand Las Vegas first opened, their main entrance featured the signature MGM Lion.  It was massive  at 80 feet high and was designed so that visitors walked through the open mouth of the Lion.  This didn’t sit too  well with Asian visitors, due to superstitions, so after approximately  5 years, the MGM Grand Las Vegas tore it down, sealed the entrance and positioned their new and improved signature lion at the site of the former entrance.

The MGM Grand is located on the northeast corner of the “four corners” intersection and there are some great areas so very close by.  The Tropicana Las Vegas is on the southeast corner, New York New York is located on the northwest corner and The Excalibur is located on the southwest corner.

MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews

The “old” MGM Grand front entrance. The 80 foot lion entrance was torn down.

It’s a fabulous location.  That corner alone could house a small city with over 10,000 hotel rooms so even if you did not want to venture too far from the hotel, you could entertain yourself for days on end.  In fact, if you are the type that likes to stay in a hotel with a lot of activities and don’t even want to venture out of the confines of  the resort, the MGM Grand alone with their over 5000+ rooms can provide a complete resort experience.

The Casino is huge as well with thousands of slot machines to chose from, the requisite Slot Club – theirs is called M Life, Poker Room, Race and Sports book and of course table games, You’ll have no problem finding a fun machine to play.

The MGM is massive. I’ve attended concerts at the events center and you literally are walking and walking and walking. They have all the amenities you need; a salon, pool, room service, concierge and a wedding chapel in case you decide to tie the knot while you’re visiting.

As far as nightlife, the MGM Grand features a number of clubs such as Tabu and Wet Republic and if you never left the MGM grounds you could eat in a different place for about 3 weeks . .  seriously.  Their casual offerings including a buffet and all the way up to the stellar L’Atelier.

The MGM Grand boasts the MGM Grand Garden Arena that can seat up t0 16,800 people and offers first rate entertainment for all tastes.  Teeny boppers can enjoy Justin Bieber while some baby boomers might want to take advantage of seeing Madonna there. Neil Diamond, Steve Harvey, Jimmy Buffett, The Eagles and even Andrea Bocelli have performed at the

MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews

Tabu Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand Las Vegas


Rooms at the MGM Grand Las Vegas can fit most consumer budgets from reasonably priced room to suites to their luxurious 2 story Sky Lofts with a array of choices in between. They seem to offer a lot of specials so I’d recommend directly visiting their website before finalizing any reservations.

Visiting a hotel and casinos website is just good advice when reading MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews or any reviews for that matter.  Not too long ago I saw a $75 per night rate advertised directly on the website and there was also a $75 food credit thrown in which essentially is provides a free night’s stay.

You can’t be everything to everybody but the MGM sure comes darn close

MGM Grand Las Vegas reviews


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Review of Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Posted by Miz.Chellie on July 7, 2012

I get so many questions about all the the different Hotels and Casino listed in the Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory that I thought I would feature a different casino each week to provide you with some more detailed information.

The Orleans Hotel & Casino is located west of the Las Vegas Strip.  It’s really only a few miles off the strip but it is quite hike so if you are staying on the Las Vegas Strip, you can either drive, cab it, take a bus or you can check out the free shuttle at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon on the strip.  If you do take the shuttle even though it’s free, remember to tip at least a buck.

The Orleans Hotel & Casino is surprisingly nice although the surrounding neighborhood is just so-so.  Right across the street on the south side of Tropicana Ave is a very large mega adult store so it just comes with the territory that the area is just OK. That area is also home to the “Prostitution Corridor”.

Years ago the police wanted to clear the strip of prostitution. They even bragged about cleaning it up.  What they did really was to push it in to different area namely the prostitution corridor on Tropicana Ave . I’m not looking to scare you, I pass by that area daily and it is OK – just be careful if you make any new friends while in the area.

Review of Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas NV

The Orleans Hotel & Casino is very spacious and has a great selection of both slots and video poker machines. If you are a gambler, be sure to check out my site Chellie’s World for some important general gambling tips.  For the gambler, it is important to note that the Orleans Hotel & Casino does not offer 100% payback video poker machines. With over 3,000 machines to choose from, you will have no problem finding a machine to gamble on. And don’t forget to get a slot club card to unlock even more values.  You can read though my 4 Steps To Make The Most Of Your Las Vegas Vacation for more details.

The Orleans Hotel & Casino dining options are varied and offers a great selection from a very good buffet to a small foot court and they even have a  Sushi bar.  If drinking is your thing, they have a number of great casino bars where you can watch all the actions from.

The accommodations at the Orleans Hotel & Casino offer a good value from a regular, no frills clean room to a much more deluxe 2500 square foot suite.  The best thing is that they are offered at much lower prices that the neighboring strip.

They have some of the extra too such as a great swimming poo, fitness center, spa and a beauty salon.

The Orleans Hotel & Casino is definitely worth a visit.  Their outside signage is great and it is a really fun casino to spend some time at.


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Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory

Posted by Miz.Chellie on July 1, 2012

If you’re of tired of searching website after website trying to obtain information on fabulous Las Vegas, then you have come to the right place. The Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory is the only web stop you will ever need to find the Las Vegas Casino and Hotel of your choice.

The Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory is easy to understand. Just select what area you want information on. Feel free to browse all the sections. Here’s a quick guide to the locations.

Las Vegas Strip

The fabulous Las Vegas Strip is still the heart of all the best action and is located directly on Las Vegas Blvd. We’ve included a few select casinos that are not directly on the strip, such as The Palms, The Rio and The Gold Coast Hotel & Casino which are located very, very close by and are considered by many to be part of “The Strip” Save 30% on Blue Man Group Las Vegas tickets.Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory The Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory will enable you to check out all the different Casinos to decide which one you want to visit.

Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory

New York New York, Hotel and Casino

The downtown Las Vegas casinos listed in the Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory are located further north on Las Vegas Blvd beginning with the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino which is considered to be the beginning of the downtown area and continuing to the heart of downtown at the Fremont Street Experience. The main downtown casinos are located west on Fremont street. East Fremont Street has recently been renovated so if yo haven’t been there in a while it’s worth another look. There is a farmers market, numerous nightclubs and the old standby, The El Cortez. Downtown Las Vegas is also known for the arts and entertainment district as well as providing a good value for vacationers with affordable room rates and meals.

Boulder Strip

Boulder Highway is located east of the Las Vegas strip and runs north south. The Boulder Strip boast a number of Casinos that primarily attract a “locals” base. These casinos feature large amount of Video Poker machines, which the locals love and also provide affordable hotel rooms. The Nevada Gaming Commission has expanded the definition of the Boulder Strip so that includes not just the Boulder Hwy, but all of the casinos in the city of Henderson

East Las Vegas

The East Las Vegas casino listings in the Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory feature the hotels and casinos that are located east of the Las Vegas Strip. Some such as the Westin are located only a few blocks away and others such as the LVH are a bit further.

West Las Vegas

West Las Vegas spans a good distance and includes close to the strip smaller casinos such as the Wild Wild West. To the northwest, you will find Red Rock Casino which has fantastic buffet that is comparable to most buffets on the strip at far less cost.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas which is frequented by more locals than tourists and is home to a number of casinos from the legendary Jerry’s Nugget which offers, delicious affordable dining and is located far North on Las Vegas Blvd to smaller neighborhood casinos as well as casinos from the major chains. North Las Vegas can be a bit “rough” so you should make sure you know where you are going and stay off of the side streets.

South Las Vegas

The casinos listed in the South Las Vegas section of the Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory are casinos that are far south on the Las Vegas Strip including the fairly new M Resort. Unless you’re an avid hiker, you will need to get there by car or public transportation.

For great gambling tips as well as general tips on making your stay in Las Vegas as profitable as possible, please visit Chellie’s World and if you enjoy keeping up with Las Vegas News, you will certainly want to check out the Las Vegas World News website.

Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory

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