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Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory

Posted by Miz.Chellie on July 1, 2012

If you’re of tired of searching website after website trying to obtain information on fabulous Las Vegas, then you have come to the right place. The Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory is the only web stop you will ever need to find the Las Vegas Casino and Hotel of your choice.

The Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory is easy to understand. Just select what area you want information on. Feel free to browse all the sections. Here’s a quick guide to the locations.

Las Vegas Strip

The fabulous Las Vegas Strip is still the heart of all the best action and is located directly on Las Vegas Blvd. We’ve included a few select casinos that are not directly on the strip, such as The Palms, The Rio and The Gold Coast Hotel & Casino which are located very, very close by and are considered by many to be part of “The Strip” Save 30% on Blue Man Group Las Vegas tickets.Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory The Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory will enable you to check out all the different Casinos to decide which one you want to visit.

Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory

New York New York, Hotel and Casino

The downtown Las Vegas casinos listed in the Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory are located further north on Las Vegas Blvd beginning with the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino which is considered to be the beginning of the downtown area and continuing to the heart of downtown at the Fremont Street Experience. The main downtown casinos are located west on Fremont street. East Fremont Street has recently been renovated so if yo haven’t been there in a while it’s worth another look. There is a farmers market, numerous nightclubs and the old standby, The El Cortez. Downtown Las Vegas is also known for the arts and entertainment district as well as providing a good value for vacationers with affordable room rates and meals.

Boulder Strip

Boulder Highway is located east of the Las Vegas strip and runs north south. The Boulder Strip boast a number of Casinos that primarily attract a “locals” base. These casinos feature large amount of Video Poker machines, which the locals love and also provide affordable hotel rooms. The Nevada Gaming Commission has expanded the definition of the Boulder Strip so that includes not just the Boulder Hwy, but all of the casinos in the city of Henderson

East Las Vegas

The East Las Vegas casino listings in the Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory feature the hotels and casinos that are located east of the Las Vegas Strip. Some such as the Westin are located only a few blocks away and others such as the LVH are a bit further.

West Las Vegas

West Las Vegas spans a good distance and includes close to the strip smaller casinos such as the Wild Wild West. To the northwest, you will find Red Rock Casino which has fantastic buffet that is comparable to most buffets on the strip at far less cost.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas which is frequented by more locals than tourists and is home to a number of casinos from the legendary Jerry’s Nugget which offers, delicious affordable dining and is located far North on Las Vegas Blvd to smaller neighborhood casinos as well as casinos from the major chains. North Las Vegas can be a bit “rough” so you should make sure you know where you are going and stay off of the side streets.

South Las Vegas

The casinos listed in the South Las Vegas section of the Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory are casinos that are far south on the Las Vegas Strip including the fairly new M Resort. Unless you’re an avid hiker, you will need to get there by car or public transportation.

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Las Vegas Casino Listings Directory

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