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East Las Vegas

East Las Vegas is located just east of the Las Vegas Strip. Some of the casinos are walking distance and for others, it’s a smart bet to drive or use public transportation.  The East Las Vegas Casinos are located between the Las Vegas Strip and Boulder Highway leaning closer to the Las Vegas Strip.

The Hard Rock Hotel is fairly close to the Las Vegas Strip. If you are planning on being out until the late morning hours, I’d recommend you cab it. The Westin Casuarina & Ellis Island are both definitely within walking distance.  Both are small casinos but that is about all they have in common with one another.

East Las Vegas

Westin Casuarina Las Vegas

The Westin Casuarina is part of the Westin Hotels chain so the rooms are super nice and usually super expensive. For me personally, if I am going to drop a good amount of money on a hotel room, then I would want to be directly on the Las Vegas strip and want to stay in a place that offers a lot of things to do. They have a nice bar and feature a small Casino.  That’s about it. They do accept dogs so you can bring you pet. However more and hotels are accepting pets nowadays.  It is very, very close to the Las Vegas Strip. Just walk east on Flamingo Rd and you will see it on the left side of the street.

Ellis Island is a neighborhood place located just further up the block from the Westin Casuarina.  It’s one block ahead east and then about a 1/2 block south.  It’s close but that area is kinda rough.  Lot’s of creepy people lurking about in that area so just be a bit extra cautious in that area.  Ellis Island offers a fun, loud environment, they have a Brewery and they serve great home style food and very reasonable prices. remember its a “locals” place,

Hooter’s is another choice that is within walking distance of the Las Vegas Strip and is located just east of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino at Tropicana Ave and the Las Vegas Strip.

Further east is Paradise Rd which runs parallel to the Las Vegas Strip.  That’s where the Hard Rock Hotel is located and Terrible’s Hotel and Casino is located on Paradise too.

If you continue way further east, you will hit Boulder Highway.  Although Boulder Highway is East, it is technically classified as The Boulder Strip so the Casinos and Hotel are listed in the Boulder Strip portion of the website.


Here are a list of the East Las Vegas Casinos.